Changing the world of social media

APPICS ambassadors are part of a global network of blockchain community leaders who are ushering in the decentralized future. The APPICS ambassadors are responsible for community development and accelerate the adoption of blockchain technology.

APPICS Ambassadors


APP Engagement

Be active, upvote and comment on content posted on APPICS, welcome new users.

Community Support

Create regional groups on Telegram, Discord (APPICS_country) to support new users

Reporting and Flagging

Find suspicious profiles, ask them to verify and/or report. If the person fails to verify, downvote their content.


Translate content and spread the word

Wether it is a big announcement or educational content - We need our Seniors to translate and teach.

Organize events and build your own team

Gather your community to answer questions and educate your team and new Appics users.

Social Media Challenge

Produce content to engage the Appics community and to reach as many new users as possible.

Introduce Appics to brands and influencers

Aquire relations with local shops, brands, influencers and investors and receive a commision.


Increased voting power

Depending on your status you can get 50-150k in APX delegation and increase your voting power.

Perfomance based rewards

There are a lot of extra Ambassador activities like translations, campaigns and brand collaborations.

Education opportunities

Join our exclusive monthly group call where you get the latest insider news about Appics and learn about crypto.

Career and networking

Advance from junior to senior to lead your own team and maybe even become a speaker and an official representative of Appics.

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