The APX token is the currency of the APPICS network.

Transfer your APX tokens to anyone in the world in just 3 seconds

Hold & stake APX tokens to increase your voting power and visibility

As the ecosystem grows the APX tokens will increase in value

What is the APX token?

The APX token is the currency of the APPICS platform. APX tokens can be used to participate in the reward-system, to vote on content within the APPICS app and earn APX tokens for sharing, commenting and voting on content. The more tokens users hold in their integrated account wallet, the more they increase their voting influence, meaning they will be able to assign higher rewards with their upvote.

How to earn & use APX tokens?

APX tokens are earned inside the APPICS App when others upvote your posts and comments, and even when you upvote someone else’s post! They can be used to increase your voting power, or exchanged to any other crypto or fiat currency. APPICS enables its users to send APX tokens directly to other users on the platform, as well as spend APX inside an integrated shop system for brands & verified users.


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How to buy APX tokens


Setup your Wombat Wallet on Mobile or Desktop



Purchase the "EOS" coin with credit card



Finally simply buy APX tokens with "EOS"


The APX token is running on the Telos Blockchain which can handle up to 10,000+ transactions per second.

The EOSIO software, that the Telos Network is based on, is roughly 17,000 times more energy efficient than networks such as Ethereum or Bitcoin. Telos has 0.5 second block times which is 24x faster than Ethereum.

EOS - Telos Bridge

The Telos-EOS bridge allows APX token to be moved between the EOS and Telos blockchains. The transfer is accomplished by transferring your APX tokens to the bridge account (“”) with the following memo:

EOS to Telos - “your account name”@telos